I am Oğuz Turan Buruk. I am an interaction designer and a game enthusiast! I completed my PhD at Koç University - Arçelik Research Center for Creative Industries (KUAR) in Design, Technology and Society Program, Interaction Design Track. My supervisor was Oğuzhan Özcan and my dissertation committee included John Zimmerman who is a world-renowned professor in design research and Staffan Björk who is an highly distinguished professor in game research. I currently work at Tampere University as a Marie Curie Fellow/Postdoctoral Researcher in the Gamification Group of Juho Hamari .


My main research interest is game design research. I focus on increasing the entertainment value by introducing new interaction modalities for playing games. So far, I have been leading two research projects: (1) Augmenting Tabletop Role-Playing Games with Wearables and Movement-Based Gameplay and (2) Human to Human Social Touch in Games. In Gamification Group, I investigate playful design in VR/AR and wearables.


I believe that game research should not neglect the essential experience that games should provide, namely "Fun." Before anything else, games should be fun and entertaining. This is why I focus on new player experiences that can bring novel approaches to different game genres. Games should target other benefits only after they do their own job which is making people spend pleasurable time "willingly".


Although I am fond of games and game research is my main motivation, I do not hesitate to expand my work to other fields of HCI. Therefore, my branching work also encapsulates the fashion and wearables and on-skin touch modalities .


My work from all these projects were published in top tier conferences and journals such as CHI, DIS or International Journal of Design. Other than that, my studies attracted the attention of popular media such as Popular Science.


As an industrial design graduate who is into electronic development and coding, I attach great importance to interdisciplinary work. I enjoy working with people from other disciplines and other backgrounds. More important than enjoying, I am capable of communicating with people from these different disciplines since I actively practiced design research, user/player experience studies, hardware development and coding during my research career. Moreover, I led teams with undergrad students from many different disciplines from social sciences to engineering. Therefore, independent from the background, I can work in harmony with people from different disciplines as far as we are all nice to each other :)


Other than my research activies, I also develop games with my fellow coder Erdin Kaçan who now works for Madfinger Games. These activies let us to explore new game mechanics in mobile and PC platforms. Moreover, it also feeds my technical knowledge and capacity in times when writing articles takes me away from hands-on work.


When I am not developing, playing or researching on games, I try to fill my life with music and dance. I had performed (before I moved to Tampere) as a vocalist with my rock band HiJack in every two weeks in a local Irish Pub for two years. Other than that, I have been practicing Tango for two years and paricipated in dance festivals. You can go check to see my Fun Activities to learn more :)


If you want to reach out, you can find several ways of contacting me right above in the navigation bar.