Fun Activites
HiJack Rock Band

HiJack is a cover band who plays Hard Rock, Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll songs in every two weeks in a local pub in Istanbul. I had been the vocalist for HiJack between 2014-2018. Leaving HiJack was one of the hardest parts of moving to Finland for starting to my new position. However, I feel very happy that these guys are still doing gigs regularly and I enjoy their music in most of the Fridays by connecting to James Joyce Irish Pub over WhatsApp Video Call :) You can see some of my performances at the right and also can find more by visiting the Instagram page (if you want to see me scroll down a bit, but new performances are great too).


Role: Vocalist (Former), Founder

Genre: Hard Rock, Blues, Rock 'n' Roll

Venues: James Joyce Irish Pub, Kum Saati Blues&Jazz Bar, DoRock, Bronx Pi

Band Members: Ayberk Akat (Vocalist), Cihan Gürses (Electro Guitar/Back Vocal), Hakan Turan (Electro Guitar/Back Vocal), Samet Sığırcı (Bass), Fevzi Sığın (Drums)


Science Slam 2018

This is my video where I presented one of my research projects (WEARPG) in a humorous way. This was an event called Science Slam 2018 which was organized by University Consortium of Pori. It was really an enjoyable experience because this was the first time that I prepared a presentation by primarily aiming at making people laugh. I always try to squeeze one or two jokes to my presentations but this was a complete new experience and, yeah, it was far more enjoyable to make this presentation compared to my academic talks. I am putting this video here because, who knows, maybe one day I can go for a career as a comedian (just kidding :)).




We have been taking Tango Courses with my wife for 2 years. Here you can find some videos and photos from our tango show. Well, we are not still at a very good level in this hobby, but hopefully will continue to do some more dancing in Finland and improve our skills :)