Featured Full Papers in Conferences & Journals

Thumbnail Image 1 Immersive Video Sketching: Low-Fidelity Extended Reality Prototyping for Everyone

Mindtrek'21 Full Paper [h5-index: 13]

[acceptance rate: %40]  


Thumbnail Image 1 Towards the next generation of gaming wearables

CHI '21 Full Paper [h5-index: 113]

[acceptance rate: %27]  


Thumbnail Image 1 Snowflakes: A prototyping tool for computational jewelry

CHI '21 Full Paper [h5-index: 113]

[acceptance rate: %27]  


Thumbnail Image 1 Designing Gaming Wearables: From Participatory Design to Concept Creation

TEI '21 Pictorial [h5-index: 26]

[acceptance rate: %27]  


Thumbnail Image 1 Transurbanism: Smart Cities for Transhumans

DIS '20 Full Paper [h5-index: 31]

[acceptance rate: %24]  


Thumbnail Image 1 Otherworld: Ouija Board as a
Resource for Design

Halfway to the Future Symposium 2019 (Short Paper) 

[acceptance rate: %52.5]  


Thumbnail Image 1 A Design Framework for Playful Wearables

FDG '19 Full Paper

[acceptance rate: %37.1, h5-index: 20]


Thumbnail Image 1 Exploring computational materials for fashion: Recommendations for designing fashionable wearables

International Journal of Design (2018)

[impact factor: 1.938, h5-index: 21]


Thumbnail Image 1 Extracting Design Guidelines for Wearables and Movement in Tabletop Role-Playing Games via a Research Through Design Process

CHI '18 Full Paper (Honorable Mention)

[acceptance rate: %23, h5-index: 113]


Thumbnail Image 1 Hands as a Controller: User Preferences for Hand Specific On-Skin Gestures

DIS'17 Full Paper

[acceptance rate: %24, h5-index: 33]


Thumbnail Image 1 Sensation: Measuring the Effects of a Human-to-Human Social Touch Based Controller on the Player Experience

CHI'16 Full Paper

[acceptance rate: %23, h5-index: 113]


Thumbnail Image 1 WEARPG: game design implications for movement-based play in table-top role-playing games with arm-worn devices

Mindtrek'16 Full Paper

[acceptance rate: %52, h5-index: 11]


Demonstrations, Posters and Workshops

Thumbnail Image 1 Children in 2077: Designing Children’s Technologies in the Age of Transhumanism

CHI'20 Extended Abstract (alt.CHI)

[h5-index: 87]


Thumbnail Image 1 Investigating the Effects of Legacy Bias: User Elicited Gestures from the End Users Perspective

DIS'18 Extended Abstract (Poster)

[h5-index: 33]


Thumbnail Image 1 Snowflakes: A Design Speculation for a Modular Prototyping Tool for Rapidly Designing Smart Wearables

CHI'18 Extended Abstract (Poster)

[acceptance rate %40, h5-index: 87]


Thumbnail Image 1 WEARPG: Movement-Based Tabletop Role-Playing Game with Arm-Worn Devices and an Augmented Die

CHIPLAY'17 Extended Abstract (Student Game Design Competition, Audience Choice Award, 2nd Place)

[acceptance rate %35, h5-index: 24]

Thumbnail Image 1 Augmented Tabletop Games Workshop

CHI PLAY '17 Extended Abstract (Workshop)

[h5-index: 24]


Thumbnail Image 1 Augmented Table-Top Role-Playing Game with Movement-Based Gameplay and Arm-Worn Devices

DIS'17 Extended Abstract (Demo)

[h5-index: 33]


Thumbnail Image 1 GestAnalytics: Experiment and Analysis Tool for Gesture-Elicitation Studies

DIS'17 Extended Abstract (Poster)

[acceptance rate %35, h5-index: 33]


Thumbnail Image 1 Experiencing Human-to-Human Touch in Digital Games

CHI'16 Extended Abstract (Demo)

[h5-index: 87]


Thumbnail Image 1 CHI 2039: speculative research visions

CHI'14 Extended Abstract (alt.CHI)

[acceptance rate: %37.5, h5-index: 85]


Game Development

Thumbnail Image 1
Save the Comet: Grativty Run

Android Game

Crystal Pixel Best Game Design and Most Innovative Game Nominee

Thumbnail Image 1
Hoot (Forthcoming)

Android and IOS Game

Grow the shapes, if you can!


Thumbnail Image 1
Not Quite My Tempo (Forthcoming)

Android and IOS Game

Rhythm Game to Challenge Even the Best Musicians


Thumbnail Image 1
The Chant (Global Game Jam 2016)

Windows Game

Game played by literally chanting


Thumbnail Image 1 It's On (Global Game Jam 2015)

Windows Game

Opponent based dancing game


Thumbnail Image 1 MogaMecha (Global Game Jam 2014)

Windows, Oculus Rift Game

Are you sure what you see is real?